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Self-driving vehicle controls

Accelerated Dynamics connects all vehicles in the fleet, starting from autonomous forklifts all the way up to ships and trucks, enabling data-driven autonomous supply chain and previously unimaginable levels of optimization. Our algorithms create highly efficient plans for robots or human operators so they know the best routes to take and what parcels to deliver where.

Distribution centre management

All robots connected to Accelerated Dynamics cloud share the same knowledge and are capable of collective learning – meaning that each robot is getting better at what it does and shares that information with all other robots. Breaking one robot will not stop your centre operations as another one can be plugged-in and uploaded with the latest knowledge of other robots.

Last mile delivery

Our software coordinates your vehicles for the most efficient last-mile delivery. We provide algorithms that automate sorting in mobile parcel stations or sorting centres and dispatch the robot or human operated vehicle fleets for the delivery missions.