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Coordinated large area inspection

Our software enables a swarm of drones to autonomously survey and inspect large areas. The AI module generates a plan for the swarm so that they work in coordination, optimising time and resources. By sending out multiple drones at the same time to do the survey, very large areas are covered in a short time thus taking only a fraction of the time and resources which might otherwise take many days if done with a single drone or manned platforms.

Persistent missions

With Accelerated Dynamics software drones can be tasked to remain or loiter in the area of interest for long periods of time while the AI planner will autonomously replace drones running low on battery with back-up drones to enable persistent coverage time. Furthermore, in case one or more drones are lost during the mission, the AI module updates the plan and the remaining drones will re-coordinate the mission among themselves in order to make up for the lost drones.

Unlimited Sensing

Accelerated Dynamics platform integrates all available drone sensors and dispatches the feeds to third party data analysis processors so you can focus on the mission.