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Distributed, large-scale, autonomous systems

With our software remotely operated vehicles become truly autonomous machines capable of large-scale operations on their own. We provide both, centralised and decentralised control models for your vehicle platforms. We can do it all – make surveillance faster, enable persistent mesh networking over large areas for uninterrupted communications,  optimise vehicle convoys for logistics, secure borders with unmanned boats, and many others that you can imagine.

Game interfaces and analytics

Simulate your unmanned fleets in faster than real time game like environments to assess their behaviour and optimise mission performance before deploying to real environments. We provide super intuitive interfaces similar to computer games enhanced with swarm tactics display to make command and control of your assets as easy as playing a real time strategy computer game.

Agent based architecture

Accelerated Dynamics software is developed using intelligent agent programming paradigm, which allows to facilitate modular development of autonomy modules for unmanned systems coordination. You can connect and attached multiple software modules to the agents to augment them with capabilities you require and streamline transition from virtual to physical domains.