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latest release: AD Swarm Manager v1.2

Release includes:

  • Compatible with DJI, Pixhawk / Ardupilot autopilot systems
  • Unlimited number, heterogeneous unmanned vehicle fleets
  • Fully autonomous missions: perimeter security, inspection, mapping, search and rescue
  • Sensor data / video feeds from all connected vehicles
  • Mission builder for easy mission creation and customisation
  • Swarm collision avoidance v1.2
  • Path planning v1.2
  • Drone learning v1.2
  • Object recognition API V1.0 

Vehicle platform agnostic

Swarm Manager is designed to be completely agnostic of the hardware it is controlling. We prepare device drivers for the robot platforms you want to use: quad-copter, fixed wing, boat, car, submarine, satellite. In addition, we support external IoT devices to facilitate better sensing and decision making.

3rd party tool integration

Swarm Manager integrates seamlessly with data analysis tools, such as video analytics processors, photo stitching software, etc. 

Game like controls

Swarm Manager treats drones and other unmanned assets as non-playing characters (NPC) in a computer game, where each asset is controlled by a central computer running our AI software. The operator can drag and select unmanned assets on the map, supervise their health (battery status) and actions, dispatch missions, have access to their camera feeds through an interactive Accelerated Dynamics UI. The UI provides unmatched situational awareness and allows to assess the fleet status at a glance without being overwhelmed by information. 

Variable autonomy levels

Swarm Manager’s AI system is modelled with four levels of autonomy that are available to the user:

  • 1. The AI offers no assistance – all controls manual.
  • 2. The AI suggests a plan, and executes if the user approves.
  • 3. The AI suggests a plan and allows the user a restricted time to veto before automatic execution.
  • 4. The user is not involved in the decision-making process, the system decides and executes autonomously.

3D collision avoidance 

Our system provides autonomous three dimensional waypoint generation for all the drones within the fleet when working in the mission and ensures that they do not collide while traversing their paths. In addition, we provide the user with manual point click waypoint collision-free navigation for semi-manual mission tasks.

Deployed on the cloud or local machines

Swarm manager can be deployed on a local machine or private servers depending on your preferences. When it is running on remote servers multiple users can be allowed to access the drone fleet as operators or observers.


All Swarm Manager features are available for integration into third party ground control stations through our API. You can integrate all modules or just some depending on the requirements you are having. Also you can use Swarm Manager as an off-the-shelf ground control station for your robot missions.