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Accelerated Dynamics Zerg.AI features

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Autonomous Device Control 

Accelerated Dynamics Zerg.AI module controls all your devices and sensors to achieve optimal – beyond human capabilities – mission performance. 

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Easy to Connect

It is super easy to integrate Zerg.AI into your vehicle control systems or mission control stations. We provide an API for centralised or distributed (on-board) integration for vehicle autonomy.

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Deep Learning for Optimal Mission Control

Zerg.AI provides easy-to-use interface for machine learning to optimise IoT and unmanned systems mission performance. No coding required. After you define your device missions you can start training them with a single click and track progress on the dashboard. As mission progress devices continuously learn and increase their performance. 

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Autonomous Mission Planning

One of the key Zerg.AI features is full device autonomy for decision making. We provide a mission planning system enabling your devices to work on their own. This feature provides highly robust device behaviour as you no longer need to manually control or hard code all possible ‘what-if’ conditions.

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Human-Machine Interfaces

Plan missions for humans working alongside robots. Zerg.AI allows the operators to adjust autonomy level of the system for efficient and safe mission execution.

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Connected Device Data 

Zerg.AI will aim to use all the data collected by your devices, such as UAVs,  Self Driving Car, etc. to optimise mission performance or learn completely new ways of achieving mission goals.