Software Developer - Autonomous Drones

Job Description

You will be responsible for all aspects of system development - from low level interfaces to high level object coding. You will be working with a team of robotics and AI research engineers supporting them with algorithm implementations into the technology stack and deploying code on high performance servers. You will also need to contribute developing robot interfaces connecting low <> high level system parts. The work at AD is super interesting and rewarding - swarming, autonomous missions, fleet coordination, human-agent interfaces, field tests flying drone swarms.

Skills & Requirements

  • Interest in robotics and drones.
  • Solid understanding of computer science / computer architecture.
  • Strong C/C++ software development skills, with experience with the latest tool-chains and IDEs, in a Linux environment.
  • Development experience with Python.
  • Understanding of multi-threaded and concurrent programming.
  • Experience with mobile or web applications - Angular, JavaScript, Android apps.
  • Experience with AWS (Optional).
  • Experience with ROS (Optional).
  • Self-motivated and able to achieve development goals with minimal supervision.
  • Hands-on person motivated to get things done fast.